How do you know if you’re addicted? Some of what you experience when addicted is about the drug itself. You may feel that your drug use is out of your control. You crave it, you want more of it, and even if you feel that it is having bad effects in your life you can’t resist it. You may find yourself taking more than was prescribed, or taking it more often. If you hear yourself lying to your doctor about how you are taking the medication, this should be a red flag telling you that your opioids have become a problem.

People who are addicted will often have problems in their lives beyond their actual use of the drug. They may become moody, have memory problems, develop other mental health issues like depression, or engage in risky behaviors like unsafe sex or gambling. Addicted people usually develop problems in relationships, such as marriage trouble or difficulty maintaining friendships. Problems at work are common as well, as people begin to miss work, or they show up to work late or high. There is also an increased risk of overdose with increased use. 

If your opioid use is causing you to lose things – mental peace, health, relationships, work, or integrity – then you are addicted, and you need and deserve help. If you believe that somebody you love may be abusing opioids, there is help for you as well.